Shotgunning in the Automatic

Warren Watson & Mike Wilfley
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Shotgunning in the Automatic Mind is the most complete instructional book available on shotgun skills for sporting clays and fieldcraft. Anyone willing to make the effort can use Shotgunning in the Automatic Mind to better understand and improve their performance and skills with a shotgun. This will lead to greater success and pleasure in the dynamic sport of shotgunning. It is an indispensible guide for beginners and seasoned shotgunners, as well as instructors. The book is based on the process that master shotgun coach Warren Watson uses with students from all walks of life and every age and skill level at the Warren Watson School of Shotgunning in Denver, Colorado. In Shotgunning in the Automatic Mind, co-authors Warren Watson and Mike Wilfley explain every facet of shotgunning in a clear, engaging manner, with the aid of excellent instructional photographs and graphics. Shotgunning in the Automatic Mind covers the important physical aspects of shotgunning, such as the evaluation and training of the shooter’s vision, posture, mount, rhythm, and lead. The book also goes into detail on the necessary mental skills, such as the pre-shot routine, competition strategies, basic and advanced techniques, and target reading from every angle. This all lays the foundation for the ultimate goal of being able to work into and out of The Automatic Mind at will. 8 ¼ x 10 ¼, Hardcoer, Photos, Illus. 256pp.

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