African Rifles And Cartridges

John Taylor
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John Taylor was a professional ivory hunter with some thirty years of continuous living in the African bush. He used and tested all the various calibers of British, American and German rifles. Acknowledged to be one of the finest reference works on the large-caliber rifle, both double and bolt action. In this book he explains in great detail the weapons suitable for use in Africa for hunting dangerous game. Based on his decades of experience, Taylor covers all manner of cartridges from the large bores to the small bores and details their recommended uses and effectiveness on the animals of Africa. This book was written with the express intent to inform American hunters making their way to Africa, who may have heard contradicting advice from numerous sources. Taylor compares the cartridges used in Africa at the time (originally published in 1948) and gives the reader an abundance of data, then provides his own opinion on what cartridge a hunter should choose based on a number of criteria. In addition to the treatment of cartridges, Taylor also covers topics such as sight choices, trajectories, practical marksmanship in the bush, and even sidearms. Given that most of the cartridges covered in this book are still available and in use today, Taylor’s advice is still relevant for the hunter planning a trip to Africa or looking for a dangerous game or plains game rifle for use in America (much of the advice for rifles to use on plains game in Africa will be applicable to American big game as well). Additionally, Taylor’s wealth of knowledge and experience makes this an excellent book to read purely for enjoyment for those who may never make it to the game fields of Africa. 469pp.

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