American Rifle Sights

Tom Rowe
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This is the book sight collectors have been waiting for, detailing the years 1850-1920 and on. Other sight books have fallen short and not included some of the sights found on the firearms from such famous makers as, Remington, Sharps, Maynards, Winchesters Ballards and others. Also included in this book are the offerings made by sight manufacturers like Marbles Lyman and King with other less known companies. Telescopic sight from this era are also covered from such companies as Malcolm, Mogg, Sidle and Stevens among others. Chapters include: History and Background, Ballard & Marlin, Colt, Maynard, Peabody, Remington, Savage, Sharps, Stevens, Wesson, Whitney, Winchester, Carver, Freund, King, Lyman (early), Marbles, Small Makers, Sight Adjusters, Telescopic Sights, Patents, Bibliography Index. 370pp.

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