Civil War Army Swords: A Study of US Army Swords from 1832 through 1865

John H. Thillmann
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Covers all swords carried by officers or enlisted men in the United States army from the 1830s until the end of the Civil War. Hundreds of handy tables list measurements and features you need to know. Identify fakes and rebuilds before you make that costly mistake. Over 2,000 detailed photographs show you the correct markings, blade etchings, grip wrappings and other small details usually left out of the pictures in sword books! Every single known manufacturer and every sword type is covered. When combined with the author's first book, Civil War Cavalry & Artillery Sabers, this amazing reference guide completes the story of United States swords from the per- iod of about 1830 through the end of the United States Civil War. Includes all sword types, whether for enlisted men or officers. Also includes the best coverage of American presentation swords ever to appear in print. A Selection of the Swords Covered includes, 1832 Enlisted Foot Artillery Sword, 1832 Enlisted NCO Sword, Model 1834 Officers' Sword, Model 1834 Engineer Officers' Sword, Model 1834 Topographical Engineer Officers' Sword, Model 1834 Medical Staff Officers' Sword, Model 1834 Pay Department Officers' Sword, Model 1839 Topographical Engineers' Sword, U.S. Military Academy Model 1839 Cadet Sword, Model 1840 Foot Officers' Sword, Model 1840 Staff Officers' Sword, Model 1840 Engineer Officers' Sword, Model 1840 Medical Staff Officers' Sword, Model 1840 Pay Department Officers' Sword, Model 1840 Ordnance Storekeepers' Service Sword, Model 1840 Non-Commissioned Officers' and Musicians' Swords, Model 1841, 1847, 1851 and 1861 General Officers' Swords, Model 1850 Foot Officers' Sword, Model 1850 Staff & Field Officers' Sword, Non-Regulation U.S. Officers' Swords of the 1850s and 1860s Based Upon British and French Patterns, Model 1860 Staff Officers' Sword, High-Grade Swords for Officers from the 1830s through the 1860s, Militia Enlisted NCO and Staff Officers' Swords, 1830 to 1865. 624pp.

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