Browning A-5, Remington 11, and Savage 720 Technical Manual and Armorer's Course #1274 (DVD)

American Gunsmithing Institute
Manufacturers: Browning , Remington , Savage & Stevens
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Also Remington 11 and Savage 720. Everybody's favorite humpback shotgun and all the duplicate models are featured in this two hour long video course. Using a cutaway action and artists drawings, Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap explains all the intricate details of this recoiling action. Finally everyone who has ever owned one of these popular guns can understand the design and function of John Browning's best selling shotgun. Learn how to completely take the gun apart and put it back together, as well as how to fix and prevent the most common problems. If you've ever owned one of these guns, you need this course.  106mins.
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