Browning BT-99 single-barrel Trap shotgun, The

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One of the most successful, popular, and enduring Trap shotguns ever is the Browning BT-99. In fact, attend any trapshooting tournament and you’ll likely see a BT-99 in the hands of a significant number of contestants. The BT-99 is an immensely popular gun, and deservedly so. The Browning BT-99 is a single-barrel, single shot break open shotgun designed explicitly for American style trapshooting. Introduced in 1968, the BT-99 is fast approaching its 50th anniversary. During all those decades, truly staggering numbers of different BT-99 variants have been marketed to the shooting public. Blued and stainless steel models, grey nickel and silver nitride finishes, 2-barrel sets, fixed choke as well as choke tube barrels, higher-rib models, adjustable rib guns, laminate stocks, “micro” sized guns for smaller shooters, high-grade guns with extra-fancy wood and strikingly beautiful engraving and inlays, and several special limited production runs have all been offered to enthusiastic shooters and collectors. Browning has certainly obtained impressive longevity from a single platform, but that's simply further testimony to the soundness and reliability of the basic design. This is the book BT-99 owners and gunsmiths have been asking for. You’ll find the following included in its pages. Complete fully illustrated disassembly instructions down to the last pin and screw for the original Generation 1 BT-99 and the current-production Generation 2 BT-99. Accurate and up to date exploded views. Reassembly hints and tips. Periodic maintenance including how to replace the mainspring top lever spring and the firing Pin. Troubleshooting common and not so common problems. Accurate serial number and year-of-manufacture data, and more. 138pp. ISBN: 978-0-9787086-4-1

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