Combat Rifle Marksmanship Exercises

Andy Stanford
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'Training Effectively for Combat Readiness' Learning to use a rifle in combat requires more than reading a book, watching a video or even taking a hands-on course. You’ll also need to hone your skills through task-specific practice. In this book, world-class firearms instructor Andy Stanford provides practical drills and exercises that will assist you in doing just that. The cutting-edge training described in Combat Rifle Marksmanship Exercises far exceeds that offered by even most military special operations units and is a potentially life-saving resource for SWAT teams, infantry units and private citizens. But Stanford does far more than simply describe how you should practice marksmanship; he puts you through your paces with slow- and rapid-fire drills and live-fire exercises designed to teach you how to 'train like you fight,' including manipulating the trigger automatically, assuming shooting positions quickly, reloading a weapon reflexively under stress, cycling manually operated rifles (e.g., bolt-actions) without removing the butt from the shoulder, leading a moving target and following through after the shot. Whatever your current skill level, this book will provide the guidance you need to improve your practical rifle prowess at the range, on the street or in the field. It is the perfect companion to Jeff Cooper’s 'Art of the Rifle' and Kelly McCann’s 'Tactical Carbine'. 56pp. Andy Stanford’s training résumé includes every major combat shooting instructor and school in the country. An IDPA Master Class shooter, Stanford won first overall at the 1994 National Tactical Invitational and second overall in 1998. He is the author of Fight at Night and the featured instructor in two videos, Fighting with Firearms and Advanced Fighting with Firearms. He is the director of Options for Personal Security in Sebring, Florida.
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