Early Arisakas, The

Francis C. Allan, Doss H. White & Dr. Stanley Zielinski
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A study of the Japanese Type 30 rifles & carbines, naval Type 35 rifles, substitute Type 02/45 rifles and their variations. Covers the design, development, production, and known history, of these 'forgotten' rifles. The Early Arisakas were the first Japanese rifles designed for use with smokeless powder and marked one of the first steps in Japan's march to super-power status. This book contains pictures and tables of the rifles, variations, and their markings, along with recorded features and serial numbers of surviving specimens. Most collectors consider having 1 of each model or type a complete representation of these rifles, but after reading the book, you may decide that just one of each is not enough. The book identifies original production stamps, inspection marks, modifications and variations, along with those that were added or modified later by the Japanese and the other countries where they saw service. 106pp.  

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