High Performance Muzzleloading Big Game Rifles

Toby Bridges
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In these pages you’ll find everything you need to master the latest in-line muzzle-loading big game rifle and take the trophy buck or bull of a lifetime. High Performance Muzzleloading Big Game Rifles covers all aspects of in-lines including getting top performance, working up loads, choosing projectiles, scope selection, coping with muzzleloader trajectory, tips for maintaining accuracy, plus much, much more. Toby Bridges has spent a lifetime pursuing record-book whitetails and North American Wild Turkey, and has been an outdoor writer since the late 1960's. Contents: Evolution of the modern muzzleloader, Conical hunting bullets for In-line muzzleloaders, Smokeless muzzleloaders, Saboted Bullets, Choosing Powder, .45, .50 and 54 caliber muzzleloaders, Loading for success, Muzzleloader trajectory, Scopes, Cleaning, Hunting with a muzzleloader for deer and other big game, and more. 160pp.
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