Imperial Japanese Grenade Rifles and Launchers

Gregory A. Babich and Thomas A. Keep
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Imperial Japanese Grenade Rifles and Launchers covers the gamut of this topic including army and navy arsenal procedures, inspection marks, ordnance nomenclature, Japanese dating systems, and relevant rifles and bayonets. More than twelve types of grenade rifles and launchers and numerous variants, many of them previously undocumented, are described in this book. In addition, cup wrenches, carrying pouches, cleaning equipment, and launching cartridges are discussed. Throughout this book, grenade rifles and launchers are placed in historical context, and background information is given regarding their development, manufacture, and use. Considerable text, photographs, and drawings are devoted to the numerous shells, hand grenades, and rifle grenades that were used with Imperial Japanese grenade rifles and launchers. Many previously undocumented fuzes and grenades are covered including improvised, rocket propelled, and naval variations. With ten chapters of detailed information, more than 300 photographs and drawings, translated wartime documents, and an extensive reference section, Imperial Japanese Grenade Rifles and Launchers is the definitive work on the topic. This book is a must for museums, military historians, and collectors of Imperial Japanese rifles, rifle cartridges, and ordnance. 247pp.

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