James Reid and his Catskill Knuckledusters

Taylor G. Bowen
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Reid's knuckledusters inspire curiosity in even the most casual of viewers. The fascinating design, bold appearance and pure novelty seem calculated to evoke a reaction, both for the 19th century shopper and the present day collector. Although the idea of a barrel less revolver where the cylinder is elongated so the front of each chamber acts as a barrel is not unique, or even rare, it's patented knuckle guard which could be used as brass knuckles against an assailant was an appealing invention in it's time. In this comprehensive Study, author Taylor Bowan penetrates the mystique of these dual purpose icons of self defense, so aptly named 'My Friend', and presents a detailed history of James Reid, his factory in the picturesque Catskill Mountains, the pistols which he fabricated there, in all their complex variations, and the inexorable economic forces which eventually brought production to an end. Also included is an analyses of the often misunderstood non-knuckleduster guns made by reid, including those made in New York City. A history of Knuckleduster firearms and a study of Reid'sa copyists. 288pp.
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