Living Wild And Domestic

Robert Kimber
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Barry Lopez wrote, One of the great dreams of man must be to find some place between the extremes of nature and civilization where it is possible to live without regret. It is this search that intrigues Robert Kimber as he reflects in these brilliant and witty essays on animals wild and domestic; on creatures of the forest, pasture, and hearth; and on the hunt and the garden. In his intelligent and probing examination of human accountability to animals and the natural world, Kimber asks the questions that burn fiercely in our minds. His amusing account of his love affair with his dog becomes a look at our need for animal companionship and the history of human animal bonds. From his own botched attempts at slaughtering a lamb, he examines agribusiness at large, and the impossibility of our own purity even vegetarians have blood on their hands. What is so refreshing about Kimber is that he does not absolve himself of anything. He is culpable and wonderfully self-deprecating. His essays are refreshing and wise, great fodder for anyone who is intellectually curious about the human and animal conditions. 192pp.
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