M1 Carbine Comprehensive Guide

R.C. Larsen
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Great new updated second edition on the M1 Carbine for beginners & collectors. One of the most comprehensive guides available today. Of all the books we've seen and-or sell, this one is unique. In our opinion, it's the most complete "quick reference" format, M1 Carbine collector book ever produced. With 829 pages filled with brilliant full color photography, (over 4000 color images) and a extensive fully illustrated M1A1 section, filled with complete information on all variations. Not to mention all accessories are well illustrated, as well as all variants. and to top it off, the sections are tabbed for easy reference and separated by great photos of the carbine in action. We sell all the books on the M1 Carbine, from books by Jesse Harrison & Craig Riesch, to favorites like the two (Larry Ruth) War Baby editions. But for a library to be truly complete, we have to suggest it contain this book. You'll find yourself reaching for this book more often than any other... Semi-hardcover, 829pp.

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