Mental Mechanics of Shooting: How to Stay Calm at the Center

Vishnu Karmakar & Thomas Whitney
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Mental mechanics is learning the self-respect to reach within for permanent solutions, rather than looking outside for temporary solutions. If you're like most people, when you have a problem with your shooting, you take that problem to an outside "expert" - just like you take your car to a car mechanic. No one knows your mind better than you. By discovering how to work with your mind, you become aware of better and more creative solutions to your questions and problems. Discover what really works for you and unlock your full potential by mastering mental mechanics. Ask any pistol shooter what role the mind plays in shooting and the usual answer is - "shooting is 90% mental." Authors Vishnu Karmakar and Thomas Whitney have written a book that will help you understand how your mind works; it is easy to read and easy to understand. With this book you will discover how to shoot better naturally. All pistol shooters have moments when shooting feels effortless and the bullet goes exactly where it is amined. Experts are able to immerse themselves in that state of mind for every shot. This is not a mystical ability, it is something you can achieve as well. Concentrate like a champion! 144pp.

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