Not An Easy Target: Paxton Quigley's Self-Protection For Women

Paxton Quigley
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Be safe, confident, and secure - at home, on the road, in the office. Personal security expert Paxton Quigley has taught thousands of women how to protect themselves against criminal attacks. Her hugely successful 'Self-Empowerment for Women' seminars and hundreds of national media appearances have made Quigley the most famous female authority on self-protection in the country. Her message is loud and clear: regardless of where you live -- in cities, suburbs, or small towns -- you must discover how to protect yourself from criminal assaults on the streets, in shopping malls, in parking lots, in office buildings, and even in your own home. 'Not an Easy Target' is a truly effective, up-to-date guide to self-protections that gives you the knowledge and strength to avoid criminal attacks and to fight back when trouble strikes. Paxton Quigley's 'Personal Survival Strategy' reveals how to: Develop assertive body language Assess the threat of a potential attacker, learn escape routes, and use various items in your environment as valuable weapons for self-defense Use 'soft' tactics like persuasion, lies, or offensive behavior to stop an attacker Fight back with such ploys as yelling obscenities and learning certain physical assault techniques, including the use of a gun Make your home, workplace, and car more secure Plus, Quigley recommends the most affordable state-of-the-art personal safety devices, services, and training schools. Whether it's carjackings, robberies, sexual assaults, or domestic violence, Paxton Quigley offers a comprehensive, sensible approach that teaches women a vitally important lesson: Don't be an easy target! 188pp.

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