Old Gun Sights & Rifle Scopes, Identification & Price Guide

Nick Stroebel
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The first and only collecting and price guide for scopes and sights. Whether you're a shooting buff, collector, historian, antique dealer, or military aficionado, Old Gunsights and Rifle Scopes helps you identify, research, and determine market pricing for old gunsights and rifle scopes, all in one easy-to-use volume. Inside this book, you'll find over 750 along with market values for collectible scopes and sights from the mid-1800's through 1985. Includes full descriptions and original specs for sights from Christy, King, Lyman, Marble, Pacific, Redfield, Wittect-Vaver, Williams, Ballard, Bullard, Colt, High Standard, Farrow, Marlin, Maynard, Mossberg, Remington, Savage, Sharps, Smith & Wesson, Spencer, Stevens, Wesson, Whitney and Winchester. Scopes from Leupold, Lyman, Marble Arms, Ackley, Redfield, Weaver, Stevens and many more. Hard-to-find data covers sights from the Civil War, WWI, and WWII, including those for Military Springfield O3A3 1903 M1 Newtons, Lee-Enfields, Krag, 98 Mausers, Lugers, Husquvarnas, and U.S. Carbines. Old Gunsights and Rifle Scopes is your one-stop-shopping guide for pricing and identification of collectible accuracy devices. 584pp.
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