Pattern 1914 And U.S. Model 1917 Rifles, The (2nd Edition Revised)

Charles R. Stratton
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The pattern 1914 in .303 caliber was the only British military rifle ever built wholly in the United States even though it was designed by engineers at the Enfield Arsenal. The U.S. Model 1917 was the same rifle, but rechambered for the American .30-06 cartridge. Over 1.2 million pattern 1914 rifles and 2.5 million Model 1917 rifles were built during World War 1 by three American companies, Winchester, Remington and Eddystone. More American soldiers were armed with the Model 1917 than the Model 1903 Springfield. In this book you'll find a detailed description of each rifle on a part by part basis. A series of charts and explanations for the markings, codes and inspection stamps that appear on each part and tells how to determine which were originally manufactured for the P14 or the M1917. Also provided is a complete history of the rifle's development and use in both World Wars, a complete description of the two sniper variations, accessories (ammo belts, bayonets, etc) and much more. 154pp.
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