Practically Speaking (IDPA)

Walt Rauch
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If you want to learn how to develop truly practical defensive shooting skills in a safe, controlled, yet challenging environment, you need to know about the International Defensive Pistol Association. IDPA competition is set up to simulate real-world self-defense scenarios in order to test your ability to handle potentially life-threatening confrontations. Armed with your standard sidearm, you are put through situations that will require you to make shoot/no shoot decisions, shoot at close range and from awkward positions, draw from concealed carry, engage multiple targets, operate in dim light, shoot with your weak hand, use cover effectively and a host of other real-world considerations that are difficult to learn at a standard shooting range. A former Secret Service agent and one of the founders of the IDPA, Walt Rauch insists on keeping his firearm instruction street-real at all times. In this ultimate guidebook to this practical shooting sport, Rauch shows how IDPA can help enhance anyone’s gun handling and shooting skills. Includes Rauch’s 28 Rules for the Real World. 80 pp.
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