Recognizing and Treating Exposure to Anthrax, Smallpox, Nerve Gas, Radiation, and Other Likely Agents of Terrorist Attack

Matt Bolinger, MD
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Terrorists have in recent years used deadly biological and chemical agents to attack civilian and government targets; ricin, a highly potent toxin, was delivered via mail to a Senate office building in Washington, D.C., in early 2004; and the ever-present threat of a nuclear incident is chilling to any sane person. Names such as anthrax and sarin have become frighteningly familiar, but how many people know how to identify and treat the effects of these weapons of terror? Matt Bolinger, MD, combats fear with knowledge, presenting relevant and useful facts on likely nuclear, biological and chemical agents of terror. This book includes detailed descriptions of 29 toxins, viruses, gases and other agents that could be used against individuals or large populations; the symptoms these agents produce; treatment options; and ways to prevent exposure. Also included are exam questions to help you test your comprehension. Do you know which antibiotics should be used during plague outbreaks? What to do in the event of a smallpox epidemic? The symptoms of ricin exposure? How to prevent radiation poisoning? How to disinfect water contaminated with botulinum toxin or cholera? This easy-to-follow book could save your life. 112pp.
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