Remington's No. 3 Hepburn

Tom Rowe
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A companion volume to Roy Marcot’s Rolling Block Book. All rifles and most accessories shown in color. Shows all models of Hepburns with a big section on the Remington Walker. The Remington Number 3 rifle is known to today's collectors as the Remington Hepburn, but in its day, E. Remington & Sons referred to it as the Remington No. 3 rifle, Hepburn's Patent. This action is among the rarest of the major American single shots with only about 10,000 produced. This massive book includes scores of high quality color images of all variations of Remington No. 3s. Also includes and extensive look and evaluation of the Remington Schuetzen rifle, known today's collectors as the Remington Walker. Chapters include, History and Background, Characteristics, No. 3 Sporting Rifle, The Hi-power Rifle, Match Grade A, Match Grade B, Short Range Creedmoor, Mid Range Creedmoor, Long Range Creedmoor, Special Order & Experimental Rifles, The Heavy Target Rifles, The Walker Rifles, Ammunition, Loading Tools, Remington Sights, Conversions & Reproductions. 460pp.

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