Selecting and Ordering A Custom Hunting Rifle

Charlie Sisk, John Barsness, Richard Mann & more
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Texas gunmaker, Charlie Sisk, is the brains behind the book, and asked all his favorite gun writer friends to contribute their thoughts. And while buying a custom rifle seems extravagant in these hard economic times, you have to ask yourself, wouldn't it be more economical to have one rifle that fits you perfectly, that you can use forever, than to buy and sell, and buy and sell. Industry people call it churning and it's most of their profits, so you know the only one losing money is the guy trying to sell a rifle quickly so he can buy the next great hope. John barsness wrote several chapters and shorts, including ones on controlled-round feed vs. push-feed, reality vs. expectations when buying a custom rifle, wildcat cartridges, walnut stocks, and scopes for custom rifles. Chapters include, Should you buy a custom rifle, Choosing a big-game cartridge, What about a wildcat, Custom varmint rifles, Rifles for Alaska, African rifles, Terminal bullet performance, Discovering left hand rifles, Custom rifles and kids, Rifle actions, The never ending argument CRF vs PF, Barrels, Rifle stocks, The perfect fit, Triggers sights safeties & such, Riflescopes for custom rifles, Putting it all together, Expectations and reality, About the authors, A final thought, Appendix custom rifle checklist. 272pp.
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