SPG Lubricants BP Cartridge Reloading Primer

Steve Garbe & Make Venturino
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Steve Garbe developed the SPG Bullet Lubricant formula in 1983 for his own use. A short time later, he became acquainted with Mike 'Duke' Venturino. Mike was having trouble getting his blackpowder breech-loaders to shoot accurately, so Steve shared some of his bullet lubricant. The results were so positive that 'Duke' encouraged Steve to put the lubricant on the market. A partnership was formed and SPG All-Purpose Bullet Lubricant was a reality. It quickly became the cast bullet lubricant of choice among blackpowder cartridge rifle shooters, especially in the extremely fast growing sport of Blackpowder Cartridge Silhouette. It remains to this day the most popular bullet lubricant in blackpowder circles. In 1992 Steve and Mike decided that with the influx of new shooters to the sport that a reloading manual specifically for blackpowder cartridges was needed. Combining their experiences and load data, Steve and Mike published the 'SPG Lubricants Black Powder Reloading Primer.' The Primer takes off on the premise that the reader knows how to do basic cartridge reloading but does not know the special tricks for successful black powder cartridge reloading. The manual gives a general blackpowder reloading overview, specific starter loads and component recommendations for 22 of the most popular blackpowder cartridges and down range ballistics for typical bullets in each caliber. The 'Primer' has really become the bible for beginning blackpowder shooters. Offers excellent information for blackpowder enthusiasts. Contains charts, tips and detailed reloading information. Sources for reloading equipment and accessories are also included. spiral bound, 120pp.

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