Conditions of Use

Prices are subject to change without notice. We try our very best to honor the web site price at all times, but if by chance we can't, we'll contact you before shipping.

Our prices are set so that everyone pays the same price - no purchasing clubs to belong to, coupon codes to hunt for, or special deals to only certain lucky customers.  That's part of our promise to you - straight deals without the bull. 

Shipping, Handling & Insurance (Domestic):
Actual shipping rates are calculated based on a postal app supplied by the United States Post Office plus a nominal handling charge.  The date supplied by the postal app is an estimate, not a guarantee, of when your package will arrive and it can be affected by a number of factors including time of day your order was placed, time of day your order was packaged, whether there are any holds on the transaction due to credit card issues or unanswered emails about your order, how busy the post office is due to manpower shortages or increased holiday shipping, to name a few.  Look for an estimate of shipping charges based on the weight of your order and your zip code on our Shopping Cart page.  

Shipping & Handling (Foreign):
Orders from outside the United States will be charged actual shipping rates, a $3.00 handling fee to offset the cost of processing, and the cost of insurance.  There is a $50 minimum order for all orders outside the US.

Please email us at with any questions you may have about our shipping policies.

Returns are authorized and accepted for publisher defects only. Please report defective merchandise within one month of the invoice date. We reserve the right to refund your money, or replace the defective book, at our discretion.  Remember, books damaged in transit can only be covered for return or replacement if you have purchased optional shipping insurance.

Sales Tax:
For all the lucky Wisconsin residents, we'll give it to you straight - you have the privilege of adding 5.5% sales tax! Now that's bull!