Systeme Lefaucheux - Continuing the Study of Pinfire Cartridge Arms

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French arquebusier Casimir Lafaucheux may rightfully be called the prophet of a new age of firearms. His invention, in 1833, of the pinfire system opened the door on the concept of practical self-contained ammunition, eventually prompting the development of today's modern center-fire metallic cartridge. The arrival of Lefauxheux's invention coincided with the coming of great industrial revolutions on both sides of the Atlantic, and with them political and social revolutions as well. Soon countless new types of firearms began appearing in the market. Pinfire revolvers became the requisite sidearm for many leading military powers, and -as revealed for the first time in this new book- they were purchased and issued to many units during the American Civil War, both North and South. The Table of Contents includes the following: Foreword by Norm Flayderman, Preface, Acknowledgments, Chapter 1 Casimir Lefaucheaux: Father of the Pinfire System, Chapter 2 Eugene Lefaucheaux: Heir to the Pinfire System, Chapter 3 Pinfire Arms and the European Military, Chapter 4 Pinfire Arms and the American Civil War, Chapter 5 Pinfire Arms in the Commercial Market: Shotguns and Rifles, Chapter 6 Pinfire Arms in the Commercial Market: Revolvers and Pistols, Chapter 7 Identifying and Collecting Pinfire Arms, Chapter 8 Pinfire Loading and Ejection System, Chapter 9 Pinfire Pepperbox Pistols, Chapter 10 Peculiar Pinfire Arms, Chapter 11 Pinfire Cartridges and Reloading Apparatus, Bibliography, Index. 310pp.

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