The Smith & Wesson Model 76 Submachine Gun

Frank Iannamico
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This book presents the most thorough and up-to-date compendium on the Model 76 and most variants. This deep-dive information touches upon the Model 76’s history and development, various versions and licensing, the caseless ammunition program, magazines, parts and accessories, troubleshooting and other topics. In 1966, the Department of the Navy contacted Smith & Wesson about the possibility of the company designing and manufacturing a weapon that would be similar in concept and operation to the Swedish-K that was currently in service with U.S. Navy SEAL teams operating in Vietnam. The Swedish government refused to sell or support the Swedish-K submachine guns, due to their outspoken protest of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. In the fall of 1966, the Development Section of Smith & Wesson received an official written request from the Department of the Navy for the development of a new 9mm subma­chine gun. Corporation officials met with SEAL Team One at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, in San Diego, California, to discuss the project. The company issued 76 as the model designation for the proj­ect, simply as a control number, hav­ing no other significance. The S&W Model 76 went into series production in 1968. Topics include, Smith & Wesson Light Rifle Model of 1940, Smith & Wesson Model of 1945 Carbine, Smith & Wesson Model 76 Submachine Gun, History and Manufacturing, Caseless Ammunition Program, M/45 Swedish-K Submachine Gun, MK 760 Submachine Gun, MK 760 Semiautomatic Carbines and Pistols, Global Arms 76A1, Burgess SW76 Submachine Gun, Omega Arms and Special Weapons SW 760, Magazines, Parts and Accessories, Trouble Shooting, Disassembly Assembly and Maintenance. 8 1/2 X 11, hardcover, photos, illus, 268pp.

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