Type 38 Arisaka, The

Francis C. Allan & Harold W. Macy
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A study of the Japanese rifles and carbines based upon the type 38 Arisaka action, their variations and history. This in depth study has been under way for more than twenty years. The research was initiated by Harold Macy and the book is dedicated to Mr. Macy, who passed away in 1995 before the fruits of his research were gathered, expanded and published in this publication. The book is profusely illustrated with photographs and drawings. Photographs cover every series and nearly every known variation. The research began with the formulation of a basic Type 38 rifle and carbine data sheet questionnaire, which evolved into the basic research tool for this study. Many later revisions were made to the data sheets as additional information surfaced containing previously unknown variations in markings and parts. Collectors and researchers from nearly every state and many foreign nations contributed completed data sheets and much historical information that has been included in the study. Many surprising and previously unknown facts have come to light, helping to clarify the history of the Type 38 family of weapons. While primary coverage is given to the Type 38 Infantry Rifle and the Types 38 and 44 Cavalry Carbines, separate chapters are also devoted to the Type 97 Sniper Rifles, Type 38 Cavalry (Short) Rifles, Chinese Six/Five Infantry Rifles, Folding Stock Carbines (Test Type 1 Rifles), etc. Additionally, the book provides a history of extensive foreign use of Type 38-based weapons including the Siamese Type 66, Thai Type 83 Long Rifles and Type 83 Short Rifles, Thai Type 83/88 Short Rifles, Thai Type 91 Carbines, Mexican Model 1913 Rifles & Carbines and numerous Chinese rifles and carbines based upon the Type 38 action. Extensive and surprising foreign use of Japanese-manufactured Type 38 rifles and carbines is also addressed in the Epilogue chapter. spiral bound, pictures, 493pp.
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