Understanding Shotgun Stocks For Better Shooting

Jeff Meloy
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More so than any other component, a shotgun's stock has the greatest influence on the shooter's success. Whether you're an enthusiastic hunter or a serious clay-target competitor, developing a solid understanding of stock design concepts, fit parameters and modification methods is vital to improving your shotgunning skill, knowledge, and enjoyment. Unfortunately, needless complexity, half-truths, folklore, illogic, and plain false information about shotgun stocks are all too abundant. To remedy that, Understanding Shotgun Stocks presents facts, reasoned arguments, and comprehensive explanations to enable you to sort through all the gun club chatter and separate the accurate information from the dubious myths and legends. Richly illustrated with details, yet easy-to-understand photos and diagrams, Understanding Shotgun Stocks provides the straight scoop every shotgunner needs. You'll get a detailed look at stock features, shapes, and dimensions. What you need to know when buying a new gun, analyzing your current gun, or discussing a custom stock. Find out about stock fit, what it is and what it isn't. Plus a complete step-by-step procedure that enables you to recognize good stock fit or determine the modifications necessary to achieve it. Learn all the ways a stock can be altered to fit the shooter. What's easy and inexpensive versus time-consuming and costly. When to modify your current stock and when it's best to totally replace it. Get a complete explanation of subjects like Point of Impact. Understand why point of impact and stock fit are not the same, and why you shoot at a pattern board, it's not to verify stock fit. Also learn the purpose, capabilities, and limitations of adjustable devices. This is a must have book, for everyone who seeks to understand more completely the sport of shotgunning, and improve their shooting capabilities. 148pp.

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