Varmint and Small Game Rifles and Cartridges

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Not too many years ago, when the sport of varmint hunting was in its infancy, a varmint rifle was a pretty sophisticated, custom-made rifle, including state of the art barrel making technology, triggers and scopes. Among those who recognized a value of a good, long-range small game or varmint rifle was John Wooters, Bob Hagel, Les Bowman, Layne Simpson, Jim Charmichel, Mike Venturino and others. Many of the concepts and ideas these and other shooters helped to pioneer are discussed in-depth in this book, providing an accounting of the rifles and cartridges that drive small game and varmint shooting. Popular rifle platforms are discussed, as well as caliber selection and shooting techniques that will make varmint and small game hunting more enjoyable and successful. 251pp.

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