Walther PPK/S FEG PA63 and clones, (VHS)

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Manufacturer: Walther
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If you own or work on any of these guns, then you need the information contained on these videos! Only AGI's Technical Manuals and Armorer's Courses instruct you in every aspect of maintenance and repair of your firearms. On these videos Master Gunsmith and Senior Instructor Robert 'Bob' Dunlap teaches you complete disassembly and assembly (not just field stripping), parts identification, proper cleaning and lubrication. Bob also covers step-by-step instruction in design, function and repair, including: locking systems, feeding systems, sears, triggers, and stocks. AGI Armorer's Courses also include easy repairs for common problems. The American Gunsmithing Institute's instructors are all Certified Master Gunsmiths who believe that you must fully understand how a firearm is designed to work before you can make any attempt to clean or repair it. AGI instructional videos provide you with this knowledge.  Most range between 90 and 120mins.
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