Whitney Wolverine .22 Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistol, The

Antonio J. Taglienti
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If you like automatic pistols, don't miss this hot new title. Introducing an all-new reference guide to one of the most influential guns of the post-World War II era. The Whitney Wolverine .22 Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistol by Antonio J. Taglienti is a full guide to the history and mechanics of these fascinating handguns, researched and prepared with the full cooperation of the Whitney Wolverine's inventor, Robert L. Hillberg. Hillberg's involvement in this project was a unique opportunity to include full 'insider' details of the Wolverine's development, as well as an amazing array of prototypes, rare documents and engineering drawings. Find out why this pistol is quickly becoming recognized for its history-making simplicity in design and manufacturing.
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