World War I Armaments and the .303 British Cartridge

B.A. Temple
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Special Great War requirements with trench warfare grenade launchers, mortars, machine guns and new aerial requirements saw the development of many new variations of the .303 small arms ammunition, described here in detail. Chapters include.. 1. .303-inch 'Z' Cartridges, 2. Fibre Tips for Mark VII Bullets, 3. Grenades, 4. Grenade Discharging Cartridges, 5. Grenade Detonating Cartridges, 6. Percussion Locks and Percussion Tubes, 7. Trench Howitzers and Their Ammunition, 8. Machine Gun Blank Cartridges, 9. Drill Cartridges, 10. .303 Armour-Piercing Ammunition, 11. Anti-Aircraft Ammunition, 12. Tracer Cartridges, 13. Buckingham Incendiary Ammunition, 14. Brock Incendiary Ammunition, 15. Pomeroy Explosive Ammunition, 16. Explosive Incendiary Ammunition. 17. Special Air Service Ammunition. 101pp.
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